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Space Clearing

(actually, it’s more of an energetic space alignment)

What it’s all about:

Though we don’t often think about the energy systems of the structures we occupy, our homes and workplaces can be viewed similarly to our bodies. What we put into it can stick…and I don’t just mean the hangings on the wall. The energy that we bring into the space can easily imprint just as clutter or misplaced furniture can block the flow of positive energy. In addition to the ever flowing energy around us, energy can also come from a wide array of carriers: previous owners, heightened emotions, Uncle Harry’s military steamer trunk that was just too cool to get rid of, and that stack of whatnots growing in the corner. The way energy flows in and around a space and is infused into said space is the difference between the inviting and peaceful feel of your zen friend Jen’s house, and the dense feeling in the air at a stressful workplace. Fortunately, just as cleansing routines detox and bring health to our bodies, so too can a good space “cleansing” refresh the places we spend time in. As well, the practice of feng-shui can enhance areas of your life or business. Believe it or not, aligning your space with the bagua has tremendous impact.

While any time is a great time to create a Blissful Space, there are occasions when the benefits can be transformative:

  • Significant Life Transition
    • Moving into a new home and/or putting current home on the market
    • New child coming into the home or children have left you an empty nest
    • Divorce/Separation – I can’t even speak to how amazing this is for your spirit
    • Career or Job change
    • End of life transition
    • Loss of loved one
  • Caring for a relative
  • An aspect of your life feels stagnant, draining, or negative
  • You never want to go into the space and you don’t know why
  • The energy feels dense, stagnant, or chaotic
  • You (or someone else in the household) sense a spirit sharing the space, and you don’t feel comfortable with it
  • Your business is failing! (read about my journey for an example)

Blissful Spaces Services:

Blissful Spaces Services is comprised of energy healing, intention imprinting,  feng-shui analysis and verbal recommendations.

I blend psychic seeing, energy healing, and traditional feng-shui for a comprehensive energy alignment. It is a very intentional process that brings harmony and healing into your space. It resolves stagnant energy and identifies recommendations regarding physical changes for improved energy flow (post-recommendation moving of furniture and clearing of clutter is all on you, though!) When necessary, my service does include communicating with spirits who are sharing your space (and yes, I have already heard all the jokes about being a “ghostbuster!” but feel free to bring it on for giggles).

$222 per hour plus travel fee (depends on location).

$333 per hour plus travel fee for clearing malevolent spirits or working with portals.

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The Tea Room

    • Apartments up to Three Bedrooms
    • Houses up to 2500 square feet
    • Office spaces up to 1000 square feet

 Up to two hours


space clearing
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The Tea House

    • Apartments over Three Bedrooms but under 5000 square feet
    • Houses up to 5000 square feet
    • Office spaces up to 5000 square feet

Up to three hours



space clearing seattle
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The Tea Garden

    • Apartments over 5000 square feet
    • Houses up to 10,000 square feet
    • Office spaces up to 10,000 square feet

Up to four hours



The Way of Tea: Wa, Kei, Sei, Jaku – “harmony, respect, purity, tranquility.”