When new entities/energies/guides arrive, I tend to have an initial “deer in the headlights moment.” What do they want? Who are they? Are they aligned with me and what I want to be offering to others? Sometimes, I even have a thought that goes something like, “Am I worthy?” Of course, I am worthy (and so are you)! Occasionally, the self-deprecating thought pattern leads to an inquiry on my sanity. Even though I know better, these questions of worthiness and mental soundness seem to be programmed into my physicality (and perhaps even the collective consciousness) and sometimes said programs trigger. Once I’ve returned to my center, I shake off these initial inquiries. I look away from the brightness and sparkle of the new-to-me-in-this-lifetime guide, and I take myself through a process to determine whether or not this is a relationship I want.

        • I breathe deeply into my core and feel for affinity with my highest good and the highest good of those I serve.
        • I ask my higher self if there is anything I need to know about this invitation.
        • I ask my body if it is a willing recipient of this energy.
        • I ask my mind if the timing works for me.
        • I accept or reject the invitation.

I share these little tidbits of my reality and process with you because so many of you are expanding your spiritual connections. I believe it is essential to show that no matter how well we have cultivated our connection with spirit, our relationship with the non-physical is not dissimilar from our human relationships. There is a learning curve and often a discomfort as we open up to these new connections.

Many of you are receiving invitations to connect with your divine truths and your non-physical team or “guides.” Honor those invitations while also being discerning. Learn to treasure the opportunities that present themselves to hear from (or feel, sense, see, know) beings who hold the frequency of love. But also remember that it is your sovereign right to maintain boundaries and decline or even outright reject channel or connection opportunities that do not feel aligned with your path.

May you honor the beloved within, always.