Reese SanAgustin, PsychicAnswers to FAQ’s (frequently asked questions) regarding psychic readings:

What do I need to tell you before we begin our session?

Your first name, and if appropriate, your question(s) or topic. For mediumship sessions, the first name of the departed loved one you are wanting to connect with. That is all.

Well, unless you want to set some boundaries for your reading – a topic you don’t want to go into or you don’t want to hear from any departed spirits.

Seriously. The less you tell me, the more you will trust the information you receive.

Also, if you do want to connect to a departed loved one even if you don’t want your entire session to be a mediumship session, please either let me know at the beginning of our session or no later than 15 minutes before your session is to end. When the connection is established, there are messages to be shared and emotions tend to run high so out of respect for your loved one(s), yourself, and the next client, I ask that you allow enough time for a meaningful connection and not leave this to the last moment of your session.

What types of questions can I ask?

You can ask questions about almost anything you desire to receive guidance about.

I say “almost” because I do not answer questions that should be directed to a health care provider, attorney, financial advisor, or similar professional. That being said, related concerns can be touched on from a spiritual and energetic perspective which can provide helpful insight and illumination. Spiritual and intuited guidance is not and should not be substituted for medical, legal, or financial advice.

As well, I will not predict lottery numbers, sports outcomes, or tell you what numbers to play in roulette.

What if I don’t want departed spirits at my reading?

The energetic intentions set by the client and reader are what form the foundation and boundaries for the session. As a reader, I am like a hostess – I set the parameters for the guest list, so to speak, so let me know ahead of time if you wish to set boundaries. The spirit realm is very accommodating and respectful of boundaries.

What if I want a specific departed spirit at my reading?

For me, mediumship is best done in person or via Skype. I get a stronger connection to departed spirits with some visual connection. Sometimes I get a great connection over the phone but there are times when I just don’t. So please take that into consideration.

That said…

If they are available and have something to share with you that is in your (and their) highest and best interest, a departed loved one will likely show up but I can not guarantee it. Please understand that recently departed spirits are in transition and may not even be accessible, others are busy with their heavenly missions, some reincarnate. It’s sort of like inviting someone to a party,  you send out the invite (in this case with your intention) and they may or may not be able to come. It is my experience that when a spirit does not attend a session they are invited to, we are usually provided some insight into why this is.

To strengthen the connection I have with your loved one, I will ask for a first name. It can sometimes be helpful if you bring something that holds their energetic imprint – something that belonged to them or something they gifted to you. This is often not necessary but at times it can strengthen my ability to connect.

How do I choose a psychic?

I recommend a combination of practicality and intuition.

Be realistic about what your needs and expectations are and narrow down your options based on those you feel can meet that need. For example, if you really want a mediumship reading make sure the psychic you choose is a psychic medium or a medium, if you want your palm read make sure you choose a palm reader. As well, if you have financial constraints – find someone who offers services that fit your budget [you may also ask if they offer low-income or some other type of sliding scale rate]. Also, ask yourself whether or not the information you read resonates with you as authentic and aligned with what you are looking for – marketing materials, reviews/testimonials (take the time to read the filtered reviews on review sites like Yelp), etc. The way a person markets themselves is a good indication of how they will communicate so pay attention to it.

Listen to your inner knowing to see who you are drawn to energetically. Sit with yourself, holding the thought of what you desire in your mind, take a few deep breaths and ask yourself, is this the right psychic for me? Pay attention not just to what you are thinking but also to how your body responds. Find the right fit for you.