End of Year Specialty Offerings

Hawk & Butterfly eReading

SPECIALTY READING: Hawk & Butterfly Written eReading – $375
LIMITED NUMBER OFFERED ANNUALLY FOR WINTER SOLSTICE AND NEW YEARS DAY DELIVERY – for 2020, we are accepting 4 orders for Winter Solstice and 4 orders for New Years Day.

BIRTHDAY READINGS AVAILABLE – Must provide 3o days advance notice for scheduling purposes. Must include name and birthdate in order notes.

Hawk Spirit is the messenger of the spirit world and helps us see from a higher perspective using the power of observation and focusing on the task at hand.

Butterfly Spirit represents personal transformation it asks us to pay attention to the areas in our life or personality that are in need of profound change or transformation.

This is a comprehensive written reading, led by Spirit, and is not directed by a specific inquiry. I open the channel between you and your guides and channel their messages through automatic or descriptive writing. These readings provide a lot of visual descriptors and symbolism and are essentially what Spirit wants to say to you at this time. It’s an opportunity for your guides to come forward to share what they feel is most important for your path, at this time.

Sometimes what is covered are matters that you are already aware of and the reading will give you affirmation. Sometimes they bring things to the fore that you need to pay attention to or prepare for. Often they come to help you along the way to fulfilling an aspect of your life that is important to you or those you touch – life path or purpose messages, if you will. On occasion, a loved one who has passed over will give you a message, say something they wish they had said, or simply appear to share their love for you.

H&B readings are formatted as follows: channeled messages; information regarding soul’s journey, purpose, and/or toolkit and any karmic or contracted relationships that spirit feels you should be made aware of; oracle card reading; key messages for current year; and, recommended actions.

Channeled Transmission (audio recording) – $144
LIMITED NUMBER OFFERED ANNUALLY FOR WINTER SOLSTICE AND NEW YEARS DAY DELIVERY – for year-end 2020, we are accepting 4 orders for Winter Solstice and 4 orders for New Years Day.

Channeled transmission from your non-physical guides, helpers, and allies. Approximately 20-minute audio recording.

Messages are channeled with the framework that your non-physical guides and teachers are invited to come forward to deliver a transmission for your highest and best good and with actionable recommendations as a desired outcome.

Channeled Personal Harmonics Journey designed to support you in 2021 – One journey to anchor you throughout the year for $222; or four to rotate or one for each quarter (you decided the intention) for $444.

LIMITED NUMBER OFFERED ANNUALLY FOR NEW YEARS DAY DELIVERY – for 2021 we are accepting 11 orders total.

Personalized Harmonics Journeys designed by the Harmonics Guides in concert with members of your Council of Light. You will be informed who came forward to structure your journey(s).


To place an order, email Reese to ensure availability. If available, you will be sent an invoice which must be paid within 48 hours to reserve your reading, transmission, or journey(s). If no longer available, you will be contacted to let you know if there is another delivery date option available.