Psychic & Tarot Readings

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What are Psychic Readings?

Readings are sessions where client, reader, and divine guides come together energetically to illuminate opportunities for healing, direction, and action all in support of the client’s growth and well-being. Divine messaging is always loving and supportive.

As readers, we serve as channels or mediums for messages direct from spirit. In other words, we are like your ISP (internet service provider) – ensuring that you have a clear connection and can readily access the information you are seeking.

What is different about Tarot?

Tarot Readings use divinatory cards – both a science and an intuitive art form – to inform the guidance provided. Currently, Adrienne is our only tarot practitioners. She blends Tarot with Psychic guidance.

Benefits of Intuitive Guidance:

provide you with clarity and direction;
help you get in touch with underlying factors;
shed light on opportunities you may not be aware of;
provide a healing and loving energy shift;
give you specific guidance;
give you insight into how your spirit guides and non-physical helpers connect with you on a day to day basis so you can more easily recognize them and listen to the messages they give you directly.

As direct spirit communicators, our practitioners provide a clear channel for clients to connect to the spirit realm. With a psychic reading we set the intention for the reading, scan your chakra system (energy body) for information that may help guide the session, open the channel for communication, and connect clients to their spirit guides.

Each of our readers has their own unique set of skills and abilities, please visit their individual profiles to choose the right fit for your needs. Trust the resonance!

Connecting with your departed loved ones can be a loving and meaningful experience. It is important to seek a medium who can meet your specific needs. Because One Illuminated sessions are always set with the intention that they are for the highest and best good of all, we cannot always make the connection you may be seeking.

Please learn about our individual mediums to choose your best fit.


“I tend to get the characteristics or personality of a departed loved one rather than a name and will often get physical symptoms related to their health at end of life. These are the primary ways that I can affirm who I am talking to for you, other than delivering their messages which typically resonate with the client.

Please note that I very rarely receive names and do not obtain “proof” such as “I am thinking about a sacred item, can you have them tell me what it is?” If that is what you need or are looking for – please do not book with me for this service. There are mediums who are able to do this; I am not one of them.

My clearest connections when working with the departed are spirit babies and loved ones who wish to provide guidance or share how they connect directly with their loved ones. I also am often able to share their transition process. Because I receive physical transitions in my body empathically, please do not be surprised if you note a mild discomfort  – it will pass and I will be able to share what I was shown.

Essentially, I can only share what I receive. I’m not going to go chasing after information as I believe that if a departed loved one wants to show up and can, that they will, and if they want to share something specific, they will. Please note that just as it takes skill and practice for a medium to connect with a departed loved one, it takes skill for the departed to connect to our realm. Often, I will use angelic assistance to facilitate a connection.

If you are seeking mediumship in order to connect with a loved one for guidance or peace, I am happy to assist. It can be helpful to bring something that belonged to your loved one to the session, this is called “psychometry” – it allows me to connect to their energetic vibration – and it helps the departed as well,  strengthening the connection from both sides.”

Scheduling Your Reading

Online readings are conducting over Zoom, an online video conference platform. A URL will be in the “location” field on your appointment. It is best to test your system prior to the call. With Zoom, you will be able to record your session on your end if on a computer. If you call in from a mobile device you will not have the option of recording.

When we resume In-person readings, they will be conducted in our offices at Creative Workspace in Renton, WA (just south of Seattle). Please note that we do smudge (burn sage, sweetgrass, and/or palo santo wood) in between sessions to cleanse the space; if you are sensitive to smoke, please let your reader know and they will refrain from smudging prior to your session.

Reese, OI Founder, Psychic Medium, Instructor

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