Painted Spirit Guide Transmissions rendered by Matt Turner
Enjoy a custom rendition of one of your Spirit Guides. Reese will connect with your guide to anchor the vibration and will inform Matt of the guide who comes forward. Matt will connect with the energy of the guide and will transmit an artistic rendering in oil. Once the piece is completed, Reese will provide a brief channeled message from the guide to accompany the completed piece.

“Hello, I am Matt, Reese’s husband. I am so pleased you are taking the time to read about our new art inspired service. Art is a divine illustration of the soul – one’s creative expression that often results in a myriad of interpretations. There is no right or wrong, and artistic renderings indeed reinforce the notion that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Growing up, I was often complimented on my ability to sketch and draw; however, my focus became athletics and fitness (I am a P.E. teacher by profession). Just over a year ago, I was helping Reese design and remodel her new office. With my mind always thinking of how to make the office stand out, the entry door somehow sparked my new passion and pastime. A visitor opened the door to leave, and I noticed how the long hallway extended straight down to the end of the building, getting smaller as my eyes followed. I was inspired to paint this perspective on the back of the door, so as clients leave, they see the illusion of no door at all (of course, I had to put a metaphysical twist on it!). This mural sparked a love and desire to paint and a determination to improve each time I picked up a brush. I was doing it for enjoyment and decorating the O.I. office, but then her clients, as well as my co-workers, began asking if the art was for sale. What a fantastic compliment! It had never occurred to me until then that I could sell my art.

So what triggered the idea to collaborate and offer this spirit transmission? Well, not that long ago, Reese asked me to paint one of her spirit totems. With no other information but the animal type, I decided to paint, frame, and surprise her. She had intended to sit with me and describe how the animal appears to her…I was unaware of this intent. For whatever reason, I just had a mental image of her white dire-wolf and went with it, upon presentation, she said that it was exactly as the wolf appears to her. I painted several more of her totems, and each time she was struck by the uncanny precision with which the paintings matched her visions. We both felt it was a divinely inspired connection, and we decided it would be a beautiful offering.”

Pricing varies depending on size of canvas and shipping costs.

As an example, a 16×20 oil painting would be $244 plus shipping fee (though you could pick it up at the OI offices to waive shipping).

Please contact to discuss.