Tracey S

Tracey Shug, Psychic Satellite

A lifelong empath and clairvoyant, Tracey Shug became one of Reese’s very first students in her intuitive development program. This training helped her recognize a higher path of being of service to others with the gifts she purposefully packed with her in this lifetime. Studying with Reese and cultivating her intuitive skills and psychic abilities, she started her own practice in 2016. 

As a part of the One Illuminated collective, teaching and sharing information regarding harmonic knowledge is something she is quite passionate about. While growing up, she spent a lot of her childhood running wild in the forest which profoundly connected her to the heavens, the Earth, and its divine inhabitants. Her innate ability to experience shifts in space/time reality caused her to use all of her senses to reach out for universal truth and how it relates to all living beings on Earth and beyond. A lifelong student of universal connection, this energy carries over to her style of teaching and her psychic readings. She offers assistance with questions regarding the life path of higher self, removing blockages to release past traumas to clear the path forward and any questions, in general, pertaining to self-growth. Tracey serves as a Harmonics Instructor with One Illuminated and a Brand Partner. You can find her direct client services at