Matt and Reese

The Turners, Energy Healers (Founders)

Our Founder married Matthew Turner in 2020. Matthew, a physical education teacher, began his journey with spirit under the tutelage of Willie Austin, a beloved Seattle area coach and personal trainer who transformed lives through fitness. Interestingly, Reese’s work as a medium provided her with the great honor of becoming familiar with Willie’s spirit prior to meeting Matt, and he was instrumental in many of their early discussions.

Matthew and Reese offer spirit-led healing sessions together. Matthew has an angelic healer aspect along with a deep understanding of human anatomy. Reese has an impeccable connection to Source and higher consciousness along with an ability to speak to the various systems within the body. As healers, Reese and Matt believe that they are stronger together.

If you are interested in the story of our Founder, theirstory is a good one:

Reese met Matthew’s higher self in 2008. Higher Self Matt arrived in Reese’s home. He stood at the doorway and she looked at him, annoyed, thinking this random spirit has just followed me home. She asked, “are you here for my highest and best good? If not, you need to leave right now.” The spirit looked at her, made a face, and left. He returned a few days later, a similar encounter ensued. Reese realized that he felt like the same spirit she dreamt about many years earlier who wrote her a note about not settling in romance and trusting that there were nice men in the world.

In December of 2014, a mutual friend introduced Reese to incarnate Matthew. Thereafter, this friend would often say to Reese, “I saw your boyfriend today.” Turns out this friend is an excellent manifestor! The following Fall, Matthew received an informal reading from Reese at the request of their mutual friend. Matthew’s guides, through Reese, gave him advice about the types of women he was dating versus the qualities he might find more suitable in a companion. The guides also relayed that he would be redirecting his life in his 40’s in order to do what he came into the world to do which struck a curious chord in Reese as she recalled a reading she received in her late 20’s. A psychic had said to Reese that she and her husband were on different paths but would come back together in their 40’s to “do what they came into the world to do together.” At the time the psychic had read her, Reese was married to a man who did not fit the psychics’ description at all. Matthew, on the other hand, fits the description perfectly.

When Reese first saw Matthew’s handwriting, she remembered that the dream note about nice men was written in the exact same handwriting as Matt’s and while all these years she did not remember the name on the note, she did recall that it had four letters. Ah, love!