Matt and Reese

The Turners, Energy Healers (Founders)

Our Founder married Matthew Turner in 2020. Matthew, a physical education teacher, began his journey with spirit under the tutelage of Willie Austin, a beloved Seattle area coach and personal trainer who transformed lives through fitness. Interestingly, Reese’s work as a medium provided her with the great honor of becoming familiar with Willie’s spirit prior to meeting Matt, and he was instrumental in many of their early discussions.

Matthew and Reese offer spirit-led healing sessions together in Peoria, Arizona and through customized healing retreats at clients preferred location.

Matthew has an angelic healer aspect along with a deep understanding of human anatomy. Reese has an impeccable connection to Source and higher consciousness along with an ability to speak to the various systems within the body. As healers, Reese and Matt believe that it is the integration of spirit, science, and client self-reverence that optimizes results.

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