Reese SanAgustin Turner – OI Founder

Reese is a life-long psychic medium with a corporate background in human resources, executive management, and leadership development.

She started her psychic practice in 2013, quickly establishing a loyal clientele due to her clear access to Spirit, ability to connect to soul signatures and agreements, and a mediumship style that evokes a palpable sense that your loved one is truly with her. As well, she is committed to providing psychic readings that include actionable guidance. Her reading specialties are psychic guidance, especially related to soul signatures, life purpose, and corporate leadership; body and brain scans to open up healing pathways; mediumship; and, working with spirit babies and fertility issues. Reese is also a coach and mentor to business leaders, spiritual teachers, professional psychics, and subtle energy practitioners.

In 2014, Reese began teaching intuitive development at the request of her long-time non-physical guides, Charles (a collective consciousness of spiritual teachers) and Archangel Gabriel. She has since expanded to offer a full suite of intuitive-based educational programs including Harmonic Journey, Psychic, and Subtle Energy Healer Certification programs.

In 2021 Reese began offering private custom retreats to clients desiring support for major transitions, both internally (body, mind, spirit healing) and externally (business, career, relationships, relocation).

One Illuminated is the embodiment of her souls’ purpose and her “heart song.” Reese believes that providing pathways, rather than protocols, to commune with higher consciousness enables an authentic and sustainable psychic connection, inviting a remembrance of one’s unique soul purpose. She believes that balancing the “trinity” within (body, mind, spirit) creates a joyful life and ensures a meaningful contribution to the collective of humanity and our beautiful planet.

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