Micah Pate, Psychic

Micah is currently on a break from reading. We will let you know when she is offering services again.

Micah Pate is a trained intuitive reader and spiritual teacher. When she was born, her abilities were wide open. Not having anyone to help her navigate them, she recalls her child self shutting them all down, this is quite common for a young intuitive – especially an empathic one like Micah. As she grew up, Micah began slowly accessing her abilities of clairsentience (knowing) and clairvoyance (seeing). Still unsure what they meant, she quieted them down until she was completely numb to everything. In 2014 Micah made an appointment with Reese to get a reading done. This was her first encounter with someone who had the same abilities that she had who lived with them in harmony.

Micah was intrigued but too nervous to know how or what Reese did to master this. After a year of Reese suggesting that Micah take classes with her, she took the leap and started studying Intuitive Development. Since then, Micah has studied rigorously both with One Illuminated and with other programs to further her connection with Spirit and hone her skills. After healing her inner child, she is proud to say that she now lives with her abilities harmoniously.

In her own words:

“Sitting in my power has been the most life-changing decision that I have ever made! Being able to help others heal, listen to their guides, and find their own power has become my passion. Sometimes what spirit has to say for us is not always what we want to hear but it is always for our greatest good. I look forward to helping others find their best path and honor their true selves to the fullest.” – Micah