Karlyn Hiatt, Certified OI Healer

“As a healer, I am also a dimensional empath. This means that not only do I feel the energy of others around me here on Earth, but I also feel the energy of beings in other dimensions, as well as planetary shifts. As an Energy Facilitator I work with my client’s higher self to remove stuck patterns in the energy body and infuse with an upgraded frequency code so that you can move forward in life with more ease and grace. As a medium/animal communicator, I have the ability to communicate with spirits/ your pets higher self to give you messages and guidance. As a manifestation coach I work with you and your higher self to re-create your reality and help you make a plan to take actions steps forward to shift your life. I will hold the vision of your desired reality so that manifestation can occur.

I am very honored to assist you on your path of healing and growth, and I look forward to working with you.

​Love and Gratitude,

​Karlyn Rose”