Chelsea, Anyanna Healing & Intuitive Wellness

Chelsea at Anyanna Healing & Intuitive Wellness

Chelsea is an innate master healer with a mission to help guide people back to their true authentic state, reach their highest potential and live a heart-and-soul led life. Using her intuitive abilities, she tunes in to your energy to uncover and identify the cause of physical and emotional pain, and energetic blockages that create dis-ease in the body. She leverages a unique combination of alternative healing methods, such as energy healing, EFT Tapping, sound healing, Akashic reading, shamanic techniques, and other quantum healing methods to facilitate a holistic and individualized journey toward healing. Being empowered is a crucial component of succeeding in both your mission and life – it’s recognizing that your choices matter and you have the power to affect your life. As such, Chelsea takes her practice a layer deeper by offering empowerment coaching to help you navigate what may come up along your healing journey, and it’s truly a journey with many twists and turns. She also offers space clearings to supercharge and harmonize the energy in your home or residential space.  Chelsea offers a wide variety of energy & intuitive healing methods and certifications through Reese SanAgustin’s programs. She has a corporate background in finance & communications, was born in Hawaii, raised in Texas, and has lived most of her adult life in the Pacific Northwest.

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