Becky Prater, Harmonics Instructor

Becky Prater helps people create what is in their heart to create. She does this as a University Lecturer, business consultant, life transformation coach, healer, and most recently as a Harmonic Journey Instructor. Becky teaches entrepreneurship at MSU Denver and facilitates a community-based entrepreneurship program called Launch Denver that provides business startup workshops for students, staff, faculty, alumni, and the Denver community. Becky specializes in helping people know thyself, heal thyself, and create a life plan with actionable steps that will lead to their ideal future. She understands that to be successful in business or make the difference you were put on this earth to make you need to release emotional blocks and limiting behaviors and set powerful intentions to get the Universe working for you. It helps to begin with an over-arching life plan that includes all aspects of life including career, family, health and wealth. Becky is a healer employing various methods of healing in her practice including Reiki Energy Healing, NLP and the RIM process. Her book, Life Transformed: 6 Steps to a Future Beyond Your Imagination was recently published and is available on Amazon and on her website,