Adrienne Bandlow, Certified OI Instructor & Tarot/Psychic Reader

We are pleased to introduce you to Adrienne Bandlow, OI’s Tarot Expert. Adrienne joined Reese as a co-teacher for Intuitive Development and is now offering a Tarot Course. She joins OI as Instructor, Psychic and Tarot Reader.

Adrienne is a psychic empath, spirit connector, message channeler, and tarot reader. She has been using tarot as a divination tool since 1995. Adrienne started training in Reese’s psychic certification program in 2019. She has done extensive work understanding harmonics/energetic frequencies, quantum physics, and communicating with guides. Adrienne is passionate about empowering others in developing their own intuitive abilities and evolving humanity into greater consciousness. Adrienne has worked as a counselor, teacher, administrator, CEO, and business owner. Her academic and professional background are in the areas of social justice, economic and public policy, and female entrepreneurship.