I offer intuitive consulting in the Seattle area:

  • Individual – Personal
  • Individual – Intuitive Professional
  • Organizational Leader or Leadership Team

Synthesizing intuitive abilities with human resource and development expertise, my intuitive consulting services help clients rediscover their own ability to create a harmonious and healthy environment for themselves, both internally and externally. Addressing both internal and external factors, we will look at energetic influences, learned beliefs, and necessary shifts. It will be fun, it will be hard work, it is likely to push beyond your comfort zone.

My style is adaptive, I tailor my approach to what is most supportive to your process. I will assess that both by what you tell me and what I intuit. I will be looking at your need holistically and will deliver your services in the way that best supports the needs of your whole self (or the organization). Where we land on the continuum from supportive mentor to task mistress is up to you!


The Lotus

For the individual who:

  • seeks a breakthrough on a difficult or long-standing matter
  • is preparing for, or moving through, a major life transition
  • needs support to reach a goal or make a change

Intuitive Consulting

The Cherry Blossom

For the Intuitive Professional who:

  • has a strong desire to utilize their intuition to enhance work performance
  • feels overwhelmed by workplace energy and would like to strengthen energetic boundaries
  • is making, or would like to make, a career transition


The Iris

For the Organizational Leader who:

  • has a strong desire to utilize their intuition to enhance team performance
  • senses energetic roadblocks to business success
  • seeks to improve their ability to mentor

For the Leadership Team who:

  • needs a breakthrough in team dynamics
  • seeks support through a business challenge
  • would like a cohesive development plan for its individuals members

What the process looks like:

“First Date” – telephone, Skype, or in-person (in Seattle)

Why do I call this a “first date?” It is extremely similar to one!  We meet, chat each other up, and decide whether or not we are a good fit for one another. This gives us each a sense of what the other person is bringing to the table. I will go into detail about how I work, you will share what brought you to seek out the service. We will discuss whether or not we want to move forward and if the vibe is right, we will discuss next steps.

Comprehensive Intuitive Email Reading

To begin our journey together, I will provide an eReading to inform our action plan.

*For organizational leaders/teams – we may integrate an on-site energy analysis contingent upon your needs.

Development/Action Plan

We will begin by reviewing the intuitive guidance received, and together we will discuss areas to focus on, actionable steps to take, etc. I will then write this up in the form of a development plan and we will begin our journey.

On-going Support

Follow-up sessions (content, number and frequency to be determined during Development Plan process) and email support.

Please contact me by email or fill out the contact form to learn more about consulting services.