About OI

What began as founder Reese SanAgustin’s private psychic practice in 2013 has grown into a community sharing in wisdom and skill related to spirit-led and subtle energy practices applied to all aspects of life. We are perpetual students, avid practitioners, accessible teachers, and circles of community. We offer private readings & coaching, education & certification, and community circles. 
OI Certified Practitioners and Brand Partners have been vetted for integrity, alignment with their soul signature, cultivated skill sets, commitment to exceptional service, a passion for spirit-led learning and sharing, and harmonic resonance with the OI mission of service. Working in the subtle energy realms (aka the quantum fields and bio-fields) requires impeccable safeguarding of health and wellness therefore we expect our readers and healers to know who communicates and works through them. 
We are honored to offer spirit-led services, courses, and certifications. Equally, it is our joy to connect clients and learners to exceptional readers, healers, coaches, teachers, and soul families. You could say we consider ourselves a Gateway.


One Illuminated is founded on the principle that we are all divine aspects of source energy, and as such, we are all one.

As sovereign beings, everyone has a divine spark within that is intended to be held sacred while also igniting in service and contribution to the collective good. At OI, we refer to this spark as the soul signature.

  1. Our practitioners work with this to enhance guidance with recommended actions.
  2. Our educational programs activate that unique signature and prepare students to share their gifts with their intended audience.
  3. Community Circles foster connection, shared discovery, and growth.

We provide Psychic readings and intuitive coaching to meet the growing need for spirit-led guidance in an ever changing world

We facilitate subtle energy healing to optimize release of held energies and the recalibration of the body

We offer educational programs to advance the integration of spirit and deepen understanding of intuition, empathy, healing, and the quantum field.

We are cultivating a community of high integrity skillful practitioners

We offer a rigorous certification program that honors the unique soul signature of each student

We foster connection, wisdom, joy, and love through community circles