Harmonic Journey™️ to the Autumn "Gateway of Grace" with Swan Spirit

“Harmonics” are a component or aspect of frequency that joins together our human consciousness with our cosmic consciousness, these are nested waves of frequency held by the Golden Ratio.

Harmonic Journeys:

One Illuminated channels receive Harmonic Journey Scripts from Higher Consciousness. These Journeys lead the journeyer to divine remembrance and communion with their own higher consciousness, soul signature (soul essence, plans and purposes for this life), spirit guides and ally’s. As an aspect of Source, you have in your soul memory and your DNA structure access to all that is. Harmonic Journeys are pathways to this knowing, held by higher consciousness.

A few notes about journeys: 

For the purpose of a Harmonic Journey, we wish for you to understand that there is no “right” way to journey; the only thing you need to “do” is breathe and receive.

You may have visions, feelings, knowings, or sense things.

You may close your eyes or keep your eyes open, it is personal preference.

You might consider journaling or doodling.

Journeys are transmissions, activating your own remembrance – sometimes this happens well after the journey itself. Trust whatever happens and know that it will unpack itself in your conscious knowing when you are most ready.

Sometimes people fall asleep, this is totally fine. You will still receive the transmission.
Some people feel like they are floating. If, for some reason, you feel dizzy or light-headed, drink some water or pull up energy from the earth. 

Whatever you experience, know that you are held by the collective consciousness of Swan.



Swan Spirit
Swan Spirit shares wisdom teachings on grace, balance, eternal love, and the rhythm of life.

We recommend recording audio of the script, as using one’s own voice brings body, mind, and spirit into balance.

When recording, allow yourself to pace your reading of the script such that when you journey you have enough time in silence to allow for visualization and messaging.

In this Harmonic Gateway Journey, you will:

  • Walk upon a sacred path where an Ally will greet you, ground you in pure earth energy and accompany you to a Sacred Lake. Here, you will drink deeply of the pure essence of water and meet with either the collective consciousness of Swan or a Sacred Swan Totem. These allies can help you to access best pathways to balance and restoration. They can also provide a deeper understanding of your soul’s intended life purpose during this timeline. You will be provided with whatever you requested during your pre-incarnation planning process. If you do not receive direct messaging, you may have requested an energetic transmission.
  • Receive a collective Blessing from Swan Spirit, and spend time in direct communion with Swan.
  • Connect to a 5 pointed star. This star will be your vehicle to the Gateway where you will be greeted by a Divine Gatekeeper and will be invited into the Gateway.
  • Arrive at the Gateway, you may request to receive healing, blessings, and frequencies relevant to balance and grace. You may invite an integration of higher self if aligned with your soul’s intended road map. Feel free to set your own intentions. We recommend remaining at the Gateway for 12 minutes or asking your hearts wisdom for a duration that is in your highest good.
  • Connect to the Sun for a recalibration and messages regarding the Autumn season before returning to earthly awareness.

Harmonic Journey™️ Script: Autumn "Gateway of Grace"

Allow your physical body to get into a comfortable position.
Relax your muscles and release all tension.
Just breathe and relax.
Inhale deeply.
Exhale fully.

Visualize, imagine or think of a Braid of Pure White Light, Gold Light, and soft Silver light cascading down from Source into your crown, filling every cell in your body.
Allow your breathe to connect you to this pure Source energy.
Breathe and receive this beautiful braid of light.
Take a few moments here –
Inhaling, take this light down to your root chakra.
Exhaling, allow it to flow throughout the whole of your energy body.
Now think of the prismatic light of a beautiful diamond.
Cast your awareness to the Higher Consciousness Realms.
Allow yourself to receive this prismatic light from Higher Consciousness
in every cell of your body and every aspect of your energy field.
Next, ask your Higher Self to send a brilliant light of whatever color or colors you most need for this moment and for the Autumn season. Take this in through your heart,
allowing yourself to receive fully.

Envision in front of you a beautiful Sacred Pathway. Allow yourself to feel, hear, see, and sense all that comes into your experience.

Bring your awareness to your breath and to the air element. Allow air to bring you a sense of Autumn and invite communion with a Sacred Pathway Ally. Walk with your ally upon your Pathway and receive from them a grounding gift, ritual, or technique. Receive into your body the grounding energy of pure earth.

Next, walk onward to a Sacred Pond or Lake. Here, let us first listen to the message of Swan Spirit:

“As you enter into this Autumn Season, we encourage you to remember that this is a time of renewal through reflection, rest, and grace.
We witness you and know that many of you are experiencing exhaustion – body, mind, and spirit. It is in the honoring of the Trinity within you, the recognition that these must be held in balance, and the release of what no longer serves your path that you will find restoration.
Give yourself the gift of grace.
Acknowledge that you are living in a time of great transformation and that movement need not be hurried.
Indeed, it is often most beautiful when we allow the songs within us to be heard and infused into the choreography of our movement.”
Now, drink deeply of the pure essence of water and connect with either the collective consciousness of Swan Spirit or a Sacred Swan who shares harmonic resonance with your soul essence, has a deep understanding of physicality, and can offer remembrance related to balance, well-being, and grace. Commune with Swan Spirit for five minutes.

As you wrap up your communion with The Spirit of Swan, allow yourself to receive a gift. This may come visually, through scent, through a clear knowing, a feeling, or some other way. Simply allow yourself to receive it. This gift is intended to enhance your understanding of the gateway frequencies, with a specific emphasis on bringing you into balance and honoring the Trinity within.

The Swans now connect you to a five-point star. Think of or visualize this star in front of you. Gaze upon it and note how it vibrates and illuminates. Bring this into your core and feel your connection to it. Invite it to expand, growing larger and larger until it surrounds your energy field.

Invite the primal elements: earth, water, air, and fire to join your energy field.
In unity, they can adjust your vibratory field for ease, comfort, and clarity as you travel beyond the Earth.

Safely held in your Star, take five deep breaths.

Set your intention to receive those frequencies and messages that are yours to receive at this time.

Allow Swan and the primal elements to work with your frequency for ease, comfort, and harmonic resonance as we journey to the Autumn Gateway of Grace.

Take a few deep breaths, feeling your true cosmic nature, focus on your heart-space and intend to receive with ease.

Now arriving at the Gateway, and greeted by a Divine Gatekeeper. Receive them fully. Learn who they are and if they are to be a helpful ally going forward. You may request that they walk with you into the Gateway or you may meet them on your return. Allow yourself to explore the Gateway of Grace, to receive your intended frequencies and messages.

Explore, receive, and enjoy.

Know that you are supported.

You are beloved and blessed.

Commune with the Autumn Gateway of Grace and receive your remembrances and intended frequencies.

[12 minutes, or whatever feels appropriate for you]

Please begin to wrap up your communion,
remembering that you do not need to be at the gateway to receive the frequencies, they will continue to merge with you as per your plan.

Take a moment to offer your gratitude to the Gateway of Grace, to the Gateway Architects, the Scouts who performed final calibration, and to Guardians of the Gateway.

Take five deep breaths as you express thanks to your Gatekeeper.

Now, let us reconnect with our Star Vehicle, making sure to ask Swan and the Primal Elements to prepare your field for communion with The Sun.

We ask the primal elements, now flowing through our fields in balance, to adjust their ratios to create the necessary rate of vibration to ensure comfort, ease, and resonance with the Sun. We ask the Sentient Sun to grant us the blessing of communion and recalibration along with messages related to the Autumn Season. Simply allow, trusting that your higher self will ensure you receive what is most needed.

Breathe and receive from the Sun for 5 minutes.

Wrapping up with The Sun, bring your awareness to your Star Vehicle. Request that the Primal Elements, now flowing in resonance with the Sun, adjust for ease and alignment with the Earth.

As you return to the Earth with your Star leading, allow yourself to continue to integrate what you have received.

Take five deep breaths into your heart chakra.

Breathe and integrate.
Journey back to Mother Earth.

Scan your energy field to ensure all is clear and you are not bringing in any cosmic energies that are not wanted.

Take a moment to express gratitude to Swan Spirit, to your Star, your higher self, and your precious physical body.

Allow yourself to anchor in, pulling up earth’s loving and grounding energy.

Bring yourself fully present when ready.