Spirit-Led Energy Healing

Working with Spirit, we can find gentle and natural pathways to effective healing.

By listening to the voice of the body in concert with higher consciousness, our practitioners support clients by: 

  • releasing energy from body, mind, and spirit that holds dis-ease;
  • helping begin the repatterning process by reminding bodies at a cellular level of their ability to perform optimally; and,
  • ensuring clients have actionable steps for self-healing. 

Subtle energy work is not intended to be a replacement for traditional healing pathways but rather an augmentation. One Illuminated believes that it is the harmonious union of science and spirit that will bring true wellness to humanity.

Reese and Matt offer healing weekend intensives in their home in Peoria, Arizona and custom healing retreats at location of clients choice.

They are not currently offering remote or one off healing sessions. Reese does offer readings and coaching related to healing pathways but does not offer remote healing as she prefers to incorporate sound and frequency healing.

That said, we are pleased to connect clients to healers we have trained and/or vetted for their impeccable integrity and efficacy.


Chelsea is a master healer, intuitive empath, elemental alchemist, and frequency shifter on a mission to help guide people back to their true authentic state, reach their highest potential and live a heart-and-soul led life.

She offers:

  • Virtual Quantum Healing Sessions
  • Energy Healing for Pets
  • Energetic Space Clearing
  • Spiritual Coaching


Julie is an energy & intuitive healer, with a Mastery in multiple energy healing techniques, channeling energy directly from Divine Source. 

All healings are facilitated through Zoom, which includes healing, clearing, balancing, and recalibrating the aura, chakras, systems of the body, and bringing harmony to all aspects of our being- mind, body & spirit.

As an intuitive healer, Julie provides guidance by working closely with Angels and channeled messages through oracle cards. Her other areas of expertise include being a certified crystal healer, sound healer, and hypnotherapist.

She offers:

  • Virtual Energy Healing Sessions (30, 60, and 90 minutes)
  • Couple’s Energy Healing 

Anna helps sensitive, empathic, and gifted women learn how to heal, slow down, connect with spirit, and live a magical life.

She has been teaching reiki, shamanism, and esoteric healing arts for about 20 years, and in that time has discovered delight and liberation for the magical ones she works with in three main areas:

helping you learn to talk directly with the world of spirit.  you can build friendships with goddesses, elementals, animal and mythic beings who help you navigate your life with more ease, grace, and wonder (this is fun!)

mending and tending past hurts, current struggles, and future fears through receiving healing.  you can release old energies, contracts, and patterns, and welcome home soul parts, lost power, and dreams.

deep, ongoing work nourishing the most lovely and tender parts of you. weave in magics like helping spirits, goddesses, oracles, labyrinths, ceremonies, personal retreat, play, art, reiki, divination, joy and wonder so you can discover and live your own version of a magical life.


Derek and Tess own and operate the CCB Brand in Maple Valley, WA. This began with Tessany’s hair salon Chocolates, Cherries, and Blondes and has since grown to include a metaphysical shop, Cleared, Calm, and Balanced, as well as coffee stands.

Tess and Derek studied privately with Reese for two years to activate and hone their intuitive skills.

Derek offers chakra cleansing and clearing, healing, and psychic readings.

Tess offers coaching in the areas of magic and manifestation.

They also employ readers at their metaphysical shop.

Nisha’s background is grounded in a variety of modalities and trainings to support clients and their specific needs, including Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Akashic Records reading, Family Constellations, pranic and reiki energy healing, and more. 

Neuro-Linguistic Programming, or NLP

NLP is the study of the structure of human experience. It is a communication toolkit that provides the ability to discover, utilize, and change our programmed thoughts and behaviors, assisting us in having new experiences in life that are more satisfying, fulfilling, and enjoyable.

Akashic Records

The Akashic Records contain the vibrational record of each individual soul and its journey. This vibrational body exists everywhere in its wholeness and is completely available in all places. The Records contain all past, present, and future possibilities. They are an experiential body of knowledge and compassion.

Systemic / Family Constellations

Systemic constellations are a way of working with issues within human systems. They focus on family systems to disclose the deeper forces that unknowingly influence our thoughts, behaviors and emotional experiences through multiple generations.