This journey is intended to be recorded and worked with using one’s own voice.

Get comfortable.

Starting at your crown, relax your muscles. Simply allow all of your muscles to go slack. Visualize a white light coming down from source energy, washing over the whole of your physical and etheric bodies.

Next visualize mother earth sending up her love and ancient wisdom, allow her energy to come up through the soles of your feet, rising up to intertwine with source energy.

Breathe with these energies, allowing every cell of your body and every layer of your energy field to connect with the merger of universal and earth energy.

Your higher self, or a spirit guide, will now give you a key, you may see it, sense it, have a knowing about it – whatever way you receive it is fine. Know that this key will help you open a door to one of your past lives.

Setting the intention to connect to a past life that influences your current life, envision that you are entering into a corridor.

As you look down the corridor, you see many different doors on either side. Each door is distinct.

Let yourself be drawn to the door of a 20-something version of you. Note the details on the door, take a peek in. Stay for just a moment or two. Return to the corridor.

Next, find a door that brings you to a fond memory of early childhood. Again, note the details on the door and take a peek in. Stay just for a moment or two. Return to the corridor.

Next, find a door that brings you to your birth. Note the details on the door and take a peek in. Again, staying for just a moment or two. Return to the corridor.

Next, find a door that brings you to your pre-incarnation planning. Note the details on this door. As you enter into the room, look for another doorway or a passageway. This door takes you into another corridor, the doors here, however, lead to past lives.

Bringing the key from your higher self or guide into your awareness, allow it to lead you to the past life that is of most relevance to you today. Perhaps the door will light up, or the keyhole will vibrate….again, note the details of the door.

We will leave you to connect with this life for [insert desired journey length here] minutes and will guide you on the return. If you wish to offer healing to that version of you or to bring forward and anchor in aspects of that self that bring you strength, feel free to do so, being careful not to anchor any unwanted energies.

[Pause or create a gap in the recording here]

Please begin wrapping up your connection.

Find the door that you entered into and return through it. Be sure to close the door. Scan your energy field to ensure nothing is returning with you that you did not invite.

Walk down the corridor to the door that leads to your pre-incarnation for this life.

Return through that doorway and again, close the door. Scan your field once again, you may invite your pre-incarnation guide or higher self to scan with you to ensure you are not carrying any psychic debris from the past life.

When you are sure your field is clean, return through the doorway to your present life. Walk down the corridor until you find the door to the present day.

When ready, walk through the door. Close the door behind you. Breathe into your root chakra. Shower yourself with white light dusted with gold. White light purifies your field and gold strengthens both your spirit and physical bodies.

Bring all of your awareness back into your body and bring yourself present.

Pull up Mother Earth energy for grounding.