Illuminated Pathways Development
Turtle spirit teaches us that transformation occurs as a result of a steady, peaceful, unfolding of our journey.

One Illuminated is focused on the development of subtle energy communication and healing pathways. Based on the premise that we are all one of one, aspects of source, OI offerings nourish the divine within each unique participant.

OI Development Services include:

  • one on one mentoring/coaching
  • classes and workshop
  • retreats

Synthesizing intuitive abilities with human resource and development expertise, One Illuminated services help clients rediscover their own ability to create a harmonious and healthy environment, both internally and externally. We look at energetic influences, learned beliefs, self-care rituals, and required actions to create a true shift. Development programs teach vibrational attunement, how to unpack your soul’s toolkit (including how to connect with your guidance system), and practice to build confidence. OI programs are fun but do require commitment and readiness and often push beyond one’s comfort zone.

As mentors and teachers, our style is adaptive and spirit-led. We tailor our approach to what is most supportive of the journey based on the guidance received from spirit. Our teachers look at needs holistically and deliver services in the way that best supports the needs of the clients’ whole self (and the collective energy of a group). Where we land on the continuum from supportive mentor to task maestros is up to you!

Upcoming Courses & Workshops

Upcoming Courses & Workshops

08/10-08/11, 10:00-4:00 PM (PST), Mind, Body, and…. Oil Painting?