06/21 5:30pm PDT, Summer Solstice Harmonic Journey

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Join Reese and journey to the Gateway of ReSource with the Spirits of Sol, RA, and Amaterasu.

Our workshop will begin with Amaterasu speaking to the unique gifts of Summer Solstice 2022. We will then take a Harmonic Journey to the Summer Solstice Gateway which The Sun Deities refer to as “The Gateway of ReSource” during which you will connect with Spirits of Sun Deities and the essence of Sirius (often referred to as The Central Sun). RA tells Reese that this Solstice holds great blessings related to finances, networks (of all kinds!), agriculture, and anchoring values. Amaterasu adds that it offers a great frequency for those involved in integrated healing, artists, musicians, and those leading change efforts, especially related to social & economic structures and advancements in neural networks and neurobiology.

Register for Workshop Only: $88

Purchase Package: Worskhop + 1 hour channeled private session with Reese: $244

**Please note that OI is committed to offering accessible options to those who would not otherwise be able to attend our educational offerings. Financial hardship discounts are offered as an honor system sliding scale. Email Reese for more information.

If you are unable to attend live, the recording will be sent to you.

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