12/12, 8:30am PST, Self-Care Sundays

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self-care Sundays

Join O.I. instructor, healer, and artist Matthew Turner every other Sunday from 8:30-10:00 AM Pacific for Self Care Sundays, where together you will examine and explore various areas of health and personal wellness.

Each workshop is dedicated to a useful area of wellness delivered in a helpful, interesting, applicable, concise, and relevant style.  Some of the topics will include Lifelong Fitness, Building Muscle & Increasing Metabolism, Fitness For The Soul, Anatomy Crash Course: Learn The Body and its Systems in an Hour, Intent Visualization, The FITT Principle: Modifying your fitness plan to start seeing progress again, The Healing Power of Hobbies.  Other weeks will highlight areas such as sleep, nutrition, and meditation. Content is delivered from a lens that incorporates both spirit and real-life, “down-to-earth” perspectives.

Matthew comes from a long, locally well-known heritage of physical educators and fitness authors.  A physical education teacher himself, Matt also spent years as a fitness and strength trainer as well as a standout college athlete.

Spend every other Sunday live (via Zoom) with Matt or pick and choose the topics that interest you;  he promises that what you will learn in the hour and a half window of time will be well worth the investment!

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