06/12, 10:00am PDT Navigating Life as an Empath (6 classes)

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Navigating Life as an Empath – 6 classes (90 minutes)

This series is intended for the unmanaged empath in need of tools to set strong energetic boundaries, understand their empathic aspect and celebrate this aspect rather than feel the burden of external energies.

Class 1: Self-Care Rituals. You will be provided with exercises that can help you strengthen and explore your empathic nature in a safe manner, and learn methods to harness the potential of your healing and empathic abilities.

Class 2: Setting multi-dimensional boundaries

Gain a clear understanding of how to protect your heart and soul while still honoring your empathic abilities. We will discuss our multi-dimensional nature and the need to maintain health and well-being in body|mind|spirit and in any spirit/energy work. You will be provided with exercises that can help you identify where you may need to set strong boundaries and guidance on how to do so holistically.

Class 3: The Art of Receiving

Many empaths are natural healers and often find themselves as life-long caretakers of others – they find the wounded and want to heal them. This often comes at a high cost. Always sitting in the position of giving, empaths often unintentionally close the door to receiving, creating blocks to the flow of love, joy, and abundance. Together, we will explore techniques to release old patterns and invite in health and wellness.

Class 4: Navigating Transitions

Transitions can be overwhelming for empaths due to shifting energies and needing to navigate the information received from all of those involved in any change situation. This class will focus on tools that support successful transition management.

Class 5: Shadow Strength

Navigating our darker or heavier thoughts and feelings can be tricky; learning to celebrate the strength and power of our shadow side and understanding the benefits of challenges can be a game-changer. In this class, we will discuss why we experience shadow periods, and how to better navigate our own shadow thoughts, and we will learn strategies for not simply coping with this time but truly honoring and celebrating its richness.

Class 6: Celebrating the Gift

In the final class, we will have a q&a as well as a celebration of the gift of empathy.


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