01/13, 7:00pm PST, Harmonic Healing II: Archangel Ariel, Asherah, Ra, Gaia (12 classes)

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Lions: Ariel, Asherah, Ra

Join Reese, along with non-physical teachers (Archangel Ariel, Goddess Asherah, Sun God Ra, with Gaia) to elevate your resonance with Earth’s Healing Agents and Allies, offering insight into how we can harness nature’s wisdom to enhance our healing capacity, both healing of self and other (“other” to include all sentient beings and the planet herself).  In this course, participants will explore the opportunities present in the healing frequencies of the four primal earth elements, the four directions and, the four seasons. The guides will share their wisdom related to increasing life force energy, restoring health, directing the healing frequencies, and sacred rituals in concert with the aforementioned. Each of the non-physical guides will provide participants with guidance and tools specific to healing body, mind, and spirit from their Ancient and Cosmic Wisdom. This course is designed to support participants in celebrating the Trinity of Earth/Sentient Beings/Source as a model for and partner in celebrating, and therefore restoring, the Trinity Within (body, mind, spirit).

Harmonics Class Format: Content channeled from non-physical teachers,  harmonic journey, group sharing, and Q&A.

Course Application Protocols:  Harmonic Journeys, Practical Use, Personal and collective activation codes

Course Aspiration: Provide pathways for students to obtain, sustain, and strengthen resonance with nature as a healing and alchemical agent. Share Ancient and Cosmic tools and methods for working with the gifts offered by our planet and her natural rhythm for healing of body, mind, and spirit. Enable participants to learn their own unique healer strengths and capacity. Ensure that all participants work safely to preserve their own life force energy and physical material.

Twelve 90 minute classes, meets every other Thursday

Course Fee:

$1212 paid in full;
3 monthly payments of $484; or
$144 pay per class

Please note that initial payment of monthly and per class plans is required to secure registration.

**This class will be video and audio recorded for purposes of participant review and edited excerpts of presented information only (teacher/guides) may be made available to other learners.

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  • Duration 10 weeks
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