01/18 Harmonic Healing (10 classes, 1 private session)

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Ancient & Cosmic Healing Wisdom with Goddess Isis, Archangel Metatron, and Archangel Raphael
<p>This course will be offered again in January, 2022</p>

Join Becky Prater, along with non-physical teachers, Archangel Raphael, Archangel Metatron, and Goddess Isis to elevate your resonance with the harmonic healing field.  Each of the non-physical guides will take the lead on 3 classes in the series providing participants with guidance and tools specific to healing body, mind, and spirit from their Ancient and Cosmic Wisdom.

Harmonics Class Format: Content channeled from non-physical teachers*,  harmonic journey, group sharing, and Q&A.

Please note that much of the course material was previously channeled by the OI Founder. Additional information from the course guides will be received by the course instructor as Harmonics guides do work in harmonic resonance with course participants.

Course Application Protocols:  Harmonic Journeys, Practical Use, Personal and collective activation codes

Course Aspiration: Provide pathways for students to obtain, sustain, and strengthen resonance with the Quantum Healing Field. Share Ancient and Cosmic tools and methods for working with the healing field to advance healing of body, mind, and spirit. Enable participants to learn their own unique healer strengths and capacity. Ensure that all participants work safely to preserve their own life force energy and physical material.

Course Fee:

$1111 paid in full;
3 monthly payments of $444; or
$144 pay per class/private integration session paid in advance of each class

Please note that initial payment of monthly and per class plans is required to secure registration.

**This class will be video and audio recorded for purposes of participant review and edited excerpts of presented information only (teacher/guides) may be made available to other learners. Participation will require a signed release for such purposes.

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