07/13, 5:30pm PDT, Harmonic Integration II: Go Inward to Go Earthward (12 classes)

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Join Reese and The Neteru (The Eight families of Ancient Egyptian “Divine Beings”) for a Harmonic Series focused on harnessing the frequencies within our innate human design. This course will support participants in knowing that they truly are sovereign aspects of Source while helping them understand how to access The Neteru (and their equivalents) safely from within. “As Above, So Below. As Within, So Without.”

We will be journeying into the human anatomy and toroidal field (aka bio-field) and learning that we can access the various frequencies “Above/Without” in the unified field of our divine multiverse within our own sovereign self, “Below/Within”. This will support our understanding of how to optimize various archetypes for healing of self and others, for the fulfillment of our life purposes, and for joy.

In a time of significant external chaos and cleansing, who better to trust than our own divine heart wisdom? Our bodies are designed to support the soul’s intended life path; understanding the voices and frequencies within will provide an anchor to truly advance the fullness of our unique journeys.

We will also gain an understanding of the “frequency bands” of the various Ascended Masters and where they are held within our anatomy or field. The Neteru will use themselves, Ancient Egyptian Families, as a framework while sharing the aligned or equivalent frequencies from various Ascended Master Families, meaning that we will share the archetypes found in other cultures as the equivalent to the Egyptian Gods/Goddesses and we will learn where these frequencies are held within.

Our Physical Anatomy and our Soul Signature, expressed outward through our bio-field,  is indeed both a roadmap and a fractal mirror of our own Source Self. The Harmonic Resonant Attractors located within our field are the key to magnetizing our optimal lives. We are the One and we are Many. Understanding the internal access points to our guidance system can bring great ease to making our earthly contributions.

This course will be channeled by Reese.

Course Fee: $1212

Monthly and Per Class payment arrangements are available.

Trade options available:

1 available – Editing Transcription. Each Class Transcript must be edited prior to subsequent class in series.

1 available – Website Design Support. Must have experience with WordPress and Forums.

Financial Hardship Discounts are also available.

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