07/01, 5:30pm, The Mirror Grid (6 classes)

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The Mirror Grid Method Series consists of six 90-minute online classes (Zoom).

Meets every other Thursday, beginning July 1, 2021.

The Mirror Grid is a self-reflection tool based on the sacred geometry of Metatron’s cube. Evelyn received access to this application of the geometry as part of a channeling meditation from her guide and angel Metatron and is honored to offer this material in conjunction with their spiritual support. 

The Mirror Grid acts as a map of our individual strengths and weaknesses and allows us to assess areas of required growth AND how to implement the best strategy within yourself to achieve a feeling of balance, direction, and forward momentum. Sessions within The Mirror Grid will leave you feeling clear on your blocks and action items and invite you to reprogram yourself for your ultimate success. Once you learn the nuance and intricacies of The Mirror Grid you will be able to refer to it time and time again and be an active participant in your own healing. In the course work and private sessions we learn:

-The practical side: what is The Mirror Grid, how do we use it, what is it good for?

-Archetypes that appear in the grid and what they say about you

-The value of objective self-evaluation and review

-How to identify what is truly a strength and truly a weakness

-How to hold ourselves accountable for meaningful change and responsibility

-How to access our stories and how they shape us, as well as how to reprogram and shift old narratives and step into our best selves

-How to apply your grid in times of crisis and coping to make valuable shifts in your behavior, coping and experience

-And much much more!

This is an intensive process rooted in hard shifts towards personal alignment. In this class, you will gain access to the channeled content of one of the deeper uses of Metatron’s Cube and the ways you can use it to live your best life. Evelyn will guide you through the tools gifted to her by Metatron and Athena to emerge from your chrysalis with a wider perspective and understanding of your programming and functionality.

Designed for 6-12 students who are primed to work on themselves in an honest and dedicated way, The Mirror Grid requires course participants to be curious and self-aware, with an interest in the “why” of their own actions/reactions.

Students will need to be invested in understanding their own influence and power over their life outcomes and have an eagerness for growth as well as a willingness to hold themselves accountable.




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Evelyn Kennedy is a life-long student of the intuitive arts. She has spent the last 7 years actively pursuing her personal development with regards to self work, psychic readings, past life journeying, mediumship, manifestation and channeling. Evelyn is thrilled to join the One Illuminated team as an educator and content creator at the urging of her guides and mentors. She is eager to collaborate on the spirit plane with all of you to serve her missions regarding collective growth, empowerment, alignment and manifestation. You can learn more about Evelyn, her children's books and her intuitive offerings at www.themirrorgrid.com