One Illuminated is founded on the principle that we are all divine aspects of source energy, and as such, we are all one. As sovereign beings, each member of our human collective has a divine spark within that can contribute to the collective good, we refer to this as the soul signature. Our programs activate that unique signature and prepare students to share their gifts with their intended audience.

We have designed a rigorous certification process to support and cultivate a collective of high integrity, high caliber, subtle energy readers, healers, guided journey facilitators, and teachers. Humanity is in great need of rising to higher consciousness, and our goal is to support those who have come into this timeline to serve in harmonic resonance with up-leveling the collective consciousness, whether one reading or healing at a time or through group teaching.

We are in the process of updating our certification requirements due to the addition of our Harmonic Energy Healer Certification as well as the fine-tuning of our other programs. Please check back at end of September for updated program requirements.

Certifications offered:

Psychic Certification

Harmonic Facilitator Certification

Harmonic Energy Healer Certification

Additional Endorsements offered:


One Illuminated Teacher

Our vision for this decade is to expand our ability to support a growing need for high integrity, stellar quality, subtle energy practitioners, and teachers. Simultaneously, to build an organization that values said practitioners such that they are afforded the same privileges as those who work in mainstream fields – employment stability, proper training, ongoing mentoring, community, and health care benefits. We invite you to consider joining us in realizing this vision.