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Our Foundation:

One Illuminated is founded on the principle that we are all divine aspects of source, and as such, we are all one. As sovereign beings, each member of our human collective has a divine and unique spark within that can contribute to the collective good. We refer to this as the soul signature.

Our individual service practitioners connect to clients’ soul signature and to higher consciousness for spirit-led guidance, healing, and coaching.

Our educational programs provide pathways for students to activate their unique soul signature and facilitate direct remembrance of their soul’s intended purpose. 

Our vision for this decade:

We are expanding to meet the need for high integrity, stellar quality, subtle energy practitioners and teachers.

Our commitment is to ensure that clients and students are provided with guidance to ignite their own divine flame and to enjoy health, wellness, and harmony as they share their gifts with the greater collective.

Simultaneously, we are creating an organization that will flourish such that we can provide our practitioners the same privileges as those who work in mainstream fields – employment stability, proper training, ongoing mentoring, community, and health care benefits. These are often the obstacles that prevent the best healers and readers from making the transition from their “day job” to their true calling. This goal was set in 2020 as an end of decade goal, it is our hope to achieve this much sooner.

The One Illuminated Community:

We value collective collaboration, fostering community, and sharing wisdom. This has guided our commitment to hosting community forums and circles. Together, we learn, grow, explore and discover the sacred in both the ordinary and the extraordinary. Our circles expand and contract, we laugh and we cry – trusting we are held in love and care by one another. Where one has a need, another has the strength to meet that need. We firmly believe that each person holds a glorious spark and that together we can seed higher frequencies and anchor a new dawn for humanity. We believe that as a “One”, we can co-create a collective that heralds a way of being that honors our sovereign selves, one another, and the beautiful planet we walk upon.

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