I am a life-long Psychic Medium who grew up to be an Intuitive Development Teacher and Spiritual Coach. I lived, worked, and played in the gorgeous Seattle Area until the Fall of 2022 when I was guided to relocate to the Greater Phoenix Area. This sacred move may well have saved my life due to my heightened sensitivity to magnetic waves.  I receive information in a variety of ways, including clairvoyance ~ “clear seeing”; clairsentience ~ “clear feeling/sensing”; and primarily,  claircognizance – “clear knowing”. In essence, I serve as an instrument for direct communication with Spirit. Sessions often include assessing and shifting energetic influences (I “see” and “feel” energetic systems while receiving messages from Spirit about how to realize necessary shifts). I also have a strong connection to spirit babies and psychic/empathic children so I often work with parents to help them navigate life with a young sensitive.
Working with Spirit, my goal is to support my clients as they discover their highest and best path, and how to receive/allow it. I assist with spiritual growth and ascension, help attune others to their inner knowing, and connect folks directly with their spirit guides. At times, this means providing affirmation of what one already knows while at other times, this means opening up channels that are blocked. Much of my work today is intuitive development & spiritual coaching. I teach others to access the divine within; work with spirit; and manage & navigate this world as an intuitive and/or empath. As well, I serve as a mentor and coach to practicing healers and psychics to support their advancement.
My work is loving and nourishing, yet it can also be hard core – when work needs to be done and energy needs to be shifted, the message is passed along in whatever way Spirit guides me to deliver it. It is my experience that Spirit delivers in the way that a client or student is most likely to be able to truly hear it and absorb it.
I strongly believe that intuited guidance is significantly enhanced by actionable follow-up, so many of my services blend the psychic with the development coach. My background in management and human resources complements my psychic abilities in such a way that I am able to deliver psychic services that balance loving insight with practical tools to achieve positive movement
If you’d like to learn more about how I ended up a dedicated intuitive and energy worker, read about my journey.