If you are in need of clarity regarding current life issues, connection to spirit, or pathways to remember your soul purpose, please explore our growing community and our offerings: whether you are seeking a reader, instructor, program, or resources, we welcome you!

Our Psychic Readers

We all have a divine spark within, a unique soul signature, as well as a heart-song that wants to be sung.

Sometimes we need someone with a lantern to help us remember how to ignite that spark.

Other times, we need someone to witness us standing in front of a menacing tower, brave enough to ask what is needed:

tools to rebuild?

matches (or a torch) to burn it down?

loving eyes to simply bear witness? or,

a pathway to an informed decision?

The team at OI is equipped with lanterns, tools, fire, love, and pathways.

We also have some pretty amazing heart songs!

Upcoming Workshops

Upcoming Classes


06/12, 1:00pm PDT, ID L1 – Foundations (6 classes)

Six 90 minute classes, every other Sunday via Zoom For those interested in developing their intuitive and subtle energy abilities. Level I  – Foundations Class. Our Intuitive Development Instructor: Micah This course is intended to introduce foundational aspects of intuitive

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Harmonic Anatomy (9 classes)

Harmonic Anatomy (Anatomy Refresher, Guided Journeys) Nine 90-minute classes. Check back for next scheduled offering! Join OI Instructors Micah (channel and journey facilitator) and Matthew (anatomy presenter), along with non-physical guides for an exploration of the human anatomy, including harmonic

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Becky Prater

Harmonic Geometry (10 classes, 1 private session)

Join OI Instructor, Becky Prater, along with non-physical guides from various spiritual collectives for a vigorous exploration of sacred geometry, including application protocols to use in everyday life. Each class is formatted with messages from non-physical teachers regarding the specific

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Becky Prater

Harmonic Healing (10 classes, 1 private session)

Join Becky Prater, along with non-physical teachers, Archangel Raphael, Archangel Metatron, and Goddess Isis to elevate your resonance with the harmonic healing field.  Each of the non-physical guides will take the lead on 3 classes in the series providing participants

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Harmonic Light Codes: Foundation (9 classes)

Course Overview: Light Code Exploration Light Code Language Focus on Pure Lights and Color Rays Role of Mathematics and Fractal Geometry Light Language – ancient and star seed symbols Application Protocols Pathway Journeys Practical Use Personal and collective activation codes

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