OI Founder, Reese SanAgustin Turner, with husband Matt

Psychic and Harmonic Journey Services

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Upcoming Courses

Harmonics of One: Integration, Correlation, and Symbiotics (12 classes)

Join Reese, and The Neteru (The Eight families of Ancient Egyptian “Divine Beings”) for a Harmonic Series focused on harnessing the frequencies within our innate...
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Harmonic Geometry (10 classes, 1 private session)

Join OI Instructor, Becky Prater, along with non-physical guides from various spiritual collectives for a vigorous exploration of sacred geometry, including application protocols to use...
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Explore our Community Circles

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OI hosts Community Circles to cultivate soul family connections. We aspire to come together in co-creation to support one another, foster individual expansion and collective consciousness while nurturing the spirit of each circle’s intention.

Circles are intended to meet regularly and have ongoing participation.

Think of our circles as a fireside chat with soul family or sitting down with new friends for a glass of wine or cup of tea and sharing what is needed related to the circle interest.

Some circles have been around for a while, others are new…all welcome those who find resonance. 

If you have an idea for a new circle, reach out to Reese.